Course Directions

Course can be seen completely on the Green Trails map Plain #146 to the right. For download copy of these directions, click HERE.

Start of Loop 1 - Plain 100K & Plain 100M (in magenta on map at right)

Start at Deep Creek camp ground

Turn Left onto FS 6100 and run to Thousands Trails Lodge front stairs

Touch the stairs, turn around and run back to Deep Creek

From Deep Creek to first intersection FS 6101

Right on 6101 toward Maverick Saddle

Keep right on 6101

3 miles till Deer Camp intersection where 6101 goes uphill left

Three more miles to Maverick Saddle

At right side of Maverick Saddle turn left onto Mad Lake Tr. 1409.1

Mad Lake Trail 1409.1 is road going down hill. 1/4 mile to 1409.1 trailhead

Do not go on road 5200 to Sugarloaf lookout

Mad Lake Trail 1409.1 to Hi Yu Trail 1403, the first left uphill

The Hi Yu trail is unmaintained and may be blocked

You have gone too far If you cross the Mad River on a footbridge on 1409.1

At ridge line, Hi Yu goes right

Do not cross logs and debris to the left

Hi Yu Trail 1403 to Lost Lake Trail 1421

Left and uphill on Lost Lake Trail 1421

Do not go right on trail 1421

Lost Lake Trail 1421 to Mad Lake Trail 1409

Left on Mad Lake Trail 1409 only 100 yards to Blue Creek Trail 1426

Right on Blue Creek Trail 1426.

Blue Creek Trail 1426 to North Tommy Trail 1425

Right on North Tommy Trail towards Klone Peak

The new sign has no mention of Klone Peak

North Tommy Trail 1425 to Klone Peak Trail

In about 1 mile there is a major unmarked trail to the left up hill. This is trail to Klone Peak

Left uphill to Klone Peak (6834 feet).

The Klone Peak elevation sign may be missing. You will know you are at the top because there is a short rock wall on the top and it is the highest point around.

Double back down on Klone Peak Trail to North Tommy Trail 1425

At intersection of Klone Peak Trail and North Tommy Trail 1425 you are now back at North Tommy Trail at the same point you left it to go to Klone Peak.

Left on North Tommy Trail 1425 toward FS Road 5605

FS 5605 starts as a dirt road and becomes asphalt

In three (3) miles watch for road to the right signed #112

Turn right on #112 and go 100 yards to the Middle Tommy Trailhead 1424

Trailhead is in a cul-de-sac.

Middle Tommy Trail 1424 to South Tommy Trail 1423 is at the left side of the cul-de-sac and is not marked

Do not go right on 1424 to Hunters Trail

Just before Lake Creek Campground, on the Entiat River and Road 51, go right onto South Tommy Trail 1423

If you cross a bridge over the Entiat River you just missed South Tommy Trail

South Tommy Trail 1423 sign has been replaced with a sign reading EXPERT RIDERS ONLY (This is the only sign with such wording on our course)

*Caution: The next good water supply is 14 miles at Cougar Creek one mile prior to Mad River

Fill up at the Enitat River or Tommy Creek about a mile after the Enitat to have enough water for this section

South Tommy Trail 1423 to Tyee Ridge Trail 1415

This is a very hard climb from 2000 ft. to 6800 ft. in about 6 miles

A false top is at about 4 miles so don’t be fooled; you still have a long climb ahead

At the highest point of the climb approximately ½ mile from 1415 the trail starts down hill

Go left onto trail 1415, there is a new sign

Left on Tyee Ridge Trail 1415 to Billy Creek Trail 1416

This sign at 1416 has been hard to see at times because the trail is very rough and runners are looking down while the natural curve of the trail takes you on to 1416 without seeing the sign.

Right on Billy Creek Trail 1416 to Mad River Trail 1409

Caution: You will cross several roads that do not show up on your map. These are fire service roads cut during the fires several years ago.

The trail continues across the road slightly to the right in one case and to the left in another.

You will not run on the road for more than a few yards in both cases

One mile prior to Mad River Trail 1409 you will cross Cougar Creek. This is right at the bottom of the very steep down hill.

This is not Mad River. Continue on 1416 across the creek on the only trail leaving the crossing to 1409 one mile ahead.

Right on Mad River Trail 1409 to Maverick Saddle and Mad Lake Trail 1409.1

3/4 Mile from Maverick Saddle you cross the Mad River

A road from Maverick Saddle comes down to the river at this point and this is the trail

1/4 Mile ahead you will come to a campground and Trail 1409.1

You go left uphill to Maverick Saddle

At Maverick Saddle take FS 6101 down to FS 6100

At intersection of FS 6101 and FS 6100

Drop bags and crew here only

This is the end of LOOP 1 and the END OF P100K

Start of Loop 2 - Plain 100M only (in yellow on map at right)

At intersection of FS 6101, 6100 and Lower Chiwawa Trail 1548 take Trail 1548 to Chikamin Creek Trail 1534

!!!! Special notes about this section !!!!

Watch for false trails and roads leading left to asphalt road 62 or campgrounds, which runs parallel to the trail. You will across several dirt roads however, you stay on trail. Only at one point ( 7 miles into loop 2 ) does the trail touch the asphalt road at the intersection of dirt road 6209, asphalt road 62 and Trail 1548.

You continue on Trail 1548 across dirt road 6209 right next to asphalt road 62

This is 100 yards before Alder Ridge Trail 1523 intersection with Trail 1548

Continue on Trail 1548 past Trail 1523

At Chikamin Trail 1534 go right or straight to Chikamin Tie Trail 1561

At Chikamin Tie Trail 1561 go right to Pond Camp Trail 1409.2

In 2 miles 1561 crosses FS 6210. Trail is across road to the left

Continue on Trail 1561 up hill

At intersection of Chikamin Tie Trail 1561 and Pond Camp Trail 1409.2 and Shetipo Trail 1429 go right onto Pond Camp Trail 1409.2

Pond Camp Trail 1409.2 to Mad River Trail 1409.1

Right on Mad River Trail 1409.1 to Alder Ridge Trail 1523

Right on Alder Ridge Trail 1523 to Lower Chiwawa Trail 1548

5 miles down Alder Ridge Trail 1523 you come on to a dirt road

Go straight-ahead about 150 yards and find ORV sign for Trail 1523 on right side going down

Alder Ridge Trail 1523 will come out of woods in 1½ miles onto a dirt road. Go straight ahead onto road.

Proceed on road for next two miles. When road intersects at a crossing road go straight-ahead 100 feet into woods onto trail.

Trail crosses one more road. Trail is directly across road and angles left.

Next intersection will be Lower Chiwawa Trail 1548

!!!! Special Notes about this section !!!!

This is the reverse of the first 7 miles of loop 2. It has false trails and roads now to the right leading to asphalt road 62

Asphalt road 62 parallels Lower Chiwawa Trail 1548 all the way back to FS 6100

The only time you are on asphalt road 62 is 100 yards after you turn on to Lower Chiwawa Trail 1548 from Alder Ridge Trail 1523

Left on Lower Chiwawa Trail 1548 to FS 6100 and 6101 at Deep Creek Campground

As you come on to road at the end of Lower Chiwawa Trail 1548 go straight ahead on to FS 6100 to the entrance of Deep Creek Campground


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